"Stuart is one of the strongest vocalists I have worked with. His skill in harmonizing and improvising are unmatched. I would highly recommend him to any composer or producer"  - Bruce Chianese (Composer and Producer)


"I cannot recommend Stuart enough! He is the go-to guy for harmonies, stellar solo soaring vocals and quick-studying professionalism.
I rarely work with someone so incredibly thorough and slick with his craftsmanship. You can't go wrong with Stuart Ambrose. His voice melts your heart and he will soothe your soul with his vocal prowess!"  - Joe Symon (Composer)


"Stuart’s a powerful and versatile singer, with matinee idol good looks and a great stage presence… He’s got a long, bright future."  - Alan Menken (Composer)


"Stuart Ambrose was a strong and attractive presence at the Hollywood Bowl… His voice perfectly captured the period sound of the handsome hero and he was a pleasure to work with."  - John Mauceri (Conductor)


“Forget the great voice. Stuart is a quick, bright, talented actor to boot.”  - David Lee (Director, Writer and Producer)


“Stuart is a force of nature: a great friend and an exciting artist. He sings everything from A-flat to Z-sharp – solemn, sacred, bouncy, barbershop, Broadway or the blues. I have found him equally at home in the cathedral choir loft as on the theatre stage, in caberets, colleges and just about everything in between. He is fine, just fine, and I commend him to you highly.”  - William Fred Scott (Former artistic director of the Atlanta Opera)


"Stuart Ambrose was cast in a show of mine, where he got to sing the biggest and best ballads in the show. His performance was immaculate. The audience loved him and we were all impressed with his vocal sound."  - Cy Coleman (Composer)